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The YouZign Team Presents:

A Platform with the Top 4
Design Software Products

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What exactly is ZSuite?

Well ZSuite is a new design platform made up of our 4 core design apps: Youzign, Gifzign, Mockzign and Logozign. Each of these apps are filled with all new templates, features and extras, this is the ultimate design suite for you.

You will be receiving access to a top-grade design platform that took over 4 years to create, passed through several tests over the years and perfected.

Most of the leading features and templates in the ZSuite apps were actual recommendations from the Youzign community made up of tens of thousands of design lovers and users, just like you.

These are the 4 software’s within ZSuite and what they do.


With 60 different pre-made design formats and a simple yet powerful user-interface, Youzign provides everything needed to create stunning and engaging digital and print designs fast, even if you have zero design experience. With 50,000 users and thousands of updates since our initial 2015 launch, this is a proven product!


From Cinemagraph to beautiful players, Gifzign is the only all-in-one GIF software you will ever need. Gifzign comes with all the features and extras you can use to create just the right GIF for any purpose.

And thanks to our latest integration, you can now create various kind of animations the easy way with Gifzign!! 

This includes animated banners, product slideshows or simply fun animations for the web.


Mockzign is the fastest Mockup creator online. Simply upload your image and Mockzign automatically creates 100+ different photorealistic mockups instantly.

Mockzign is built to make what looked complex and expensive to become so simple and reachable without sacrifizing quality.


Logozign introduces new technology that makes creating your own logos a breeze. The pain-free logo creator; no need to drag anything, just point & click.




ZSuite Bonuses

Limited Time Bonuses

A selection of 100+ hand-picked high resolution background graphics perfect for zSuite projects, video projects and for your landing pages and websites. You can also use these backgrounds in any design or video tool for yourself and for your clients.



Button Creator lets anyone close more leads effectively… with powerful call-to-action buttons! There is no such thing as a successful campaign without a successful call to action.

    • Install to desktop (mac/pc) – Download, launch, install and create buttons whenever they are needed
    • Customize the text, the shape and the icons – Select from different shapes, add text and icons
    • Choose from 20 shapes and 17 styles. An almost unlimited combination of designs
    • Choose from 60+ curated icons – Whether users need an icon for support or Snapchat, they’ll find what you need


  • Download in pixel perfect dimensions
  • And So Much More…


Create stunning flat and 3D eBook cover graphics in seconds with the cloud-based eBook cover maker software. People do judge a book by its cover. Make a lasting impression on your potential reader by wowing them with your book designs.


  • 50+ templates to choose from and customise or start from scratch
  • 300+ high resolution built-in graphics
  • Intuitive drag-n-drop UI
  • Go from flat to 3D cover with just a click and back
  • Power user features

If you are selling any kind of products or services online and not using icons to convey key concepts visually, you may be missing out. Icons can grab the attention of visitors and draw them to read more and engage with your content.


  • Install to your desktop (mac/pc) – Download, launch, install and create icons whenever you need them
  • Play with the backgrounds styles – Select from different shapes or add borders, shadows and bevels
  • Choose from 676 curated icons – Whether you need an icon for support or Snapchat, you’ll find what you need
  • Personalize your icons – Set your colors, add a bevel or shadow and customize the size of the icon
  • Download at the dimensions you need – 256×256, 128×128, 64×64, 32×32 or 16×16
  • And So Much More…

Amazing bundle of stunning high resolution silouhettes, backgrounds, elements, desks, devices and accessories lets you create over 614,125,000 different design combinations.   Easily upload and edit your Stocking Ultimate combinations in zSuite and create compelling designs in no time.