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Video Marketing is Hotter Than Ever In 2019…

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In 2019 video marketing is going to change a whole lot and trust me you don’t want to get left behind. 

This NEW video platform was made for marketers by marketers so that you no longer lose control over your audience and viewers. With Vidyz you will now have the power to control 100% of your traffic for more views, leads and sales without all of the annoying and pricey monthly fees.

A few years a go YouTube was the perfect place to host your marketing videos, it was 100% free and helped drive a ton of traffic to your  website. Plus Youtube made it super easy to then embed those videos on to your website so that you had full control on what you wanted to show to your audience.

Well, we are a few years from that time now and as expected YouTube has made some changes, some pretty awesome ones but with the good ones come the bad ones and while YouTube has became the perfect place for anyone to upload and watch videos it has slowly suffocated the marketers and their side of things.

Google eliminated autoplay creating a huge loss for us marketers. Since this change our views, clicks and even conversions through YT videos and declined at a rate that we can no longer keep up with. As time went by marketers came up with new ways to work YouTube so we slowly accepted it… But things got worse.

In late 2018 YouYube made it so that you could no longer turn off “Related Videos” when someone either paused a video or got to the end. That meant that even if you spent all your time, energy, and money getting someone to your page to watch your video, Youtube was going to take that traffic AWAY from your website.

When someone paused your video it offered MULTIPLE ways for them to click over to Youtube. I counted…a total of SIX links back to Youtube… and away from YOUR marketing pages.

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Our Vidyz Discount & Review

What is Vidyz?

Vidyz is the ONLY marketing video hosting platform that you will EVER need. 

All inside of Vidyz you can autoplay all of your marketing videos without being interrupted by ADs, other youtubers and the side bar with exciting thumbnails.  Vidyz allows you to add clickable call to actions on your videos to boost your conversions. 

Using Vidyz you will be able to easily embed videos on to any of your websites by using the cloud based SEO optimized video pages. Without any domain or hosting needed! You can now auto redirect your viewers to any link that you want or need without them even having to click!

YouTube is a great platform, and we love it, but let’s be honest they are a business and a social network. Their primary goal is to make money for themselves. They do this by pulling traffic from other peoples’ websites to their website by having all kinds of links in your videos back to them.

That’s fine, if you want to be social, but if you want to make money you can’t have some other business leaching your traffic away.


Video Marketing is Hotter Than Ever in 2019

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Vidyz Features:

Vidyz Features

Make 2019 YOUR year with the most POWERFUL 
video marketing system created BY marketers
FOR marketers