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The oh so very popular social media Facebook is actively devaluing all of the YouTube links that are posted on newsfeed, which means that we are all losing a LOT of brand growth and a ton of money making opportunities by sharing our videos with YouTube links.

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But… With the help of this brand new software called VidPush this will no longer be a problem and you can get back to making the big bucks! But what if I were to tell you that there was something even more amazing than this amazing money making software, and that is the Discount for this software! Today we are providing you with a special VidPush Discount so that you too can get your grubby little money making hands on this awesome software!

Using Facebook API, VidPush is going to go around and grab videos from YouTube and upload them to your fan pages. All it takes is a one-time setup, and you are now going to be able to upload videos from YouTube straight to Facebook. This is a simple, but BRILLIANT work around that could dramatically improve social media and video marketing results.

This Is A Simple 3-Step Formula To Drive Loads & Loads Of Traffic To Your Page With Little To NO Work!

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