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StoryMate Review Below

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Today we are going to be talking about StoryMate and how it is going to help you boost everything to do with your social media in hopes to help your business grow as a brand as efficient as possible. 

This is the worlds very first tool to help you create, convert, post & to send huge amounts of traffic to your sites through social media stories such as Instagram & Facebook. Check out our StoryMate Review to use our StoryMate Discount to save money today.

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Use Our StoryMate Discount & Take Over 2019!


Stories on social medias such as Facebook and Instagram have grown exponentially recently growing up to 15 Times faster than past news feed posting techniques. As stories become more popular towards the end of 2018 it is going to blow up starting 2019, creating a whole new place to advertise to your advertisements…

As you probably have already become numb to the typical FaceBook ads so has everyone else and that is why it’s good to finally have a new place to put your ads in front of peoples face. This way it pops and really grabs their attention.

StoryMate has been built from the ground up as something totally new and unique. This is a product that we at Internet Marketing Coupons 100% stand behind. They provide you with high converting images to add to your story so that you can now better lead your leads to where they need to go. 

Users use stories to sell already so why not you? This is where the money is now people. This is where stories by brands take there users.

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A total of 300 million Instagram users interact with Instagram stories… 15-25% of story viewers Swipe UP to the call to action link so that they can engage directly with a brands website, put your website in front of these 300 million users & take your marketing to a new level!

Okay.. So You Get It Now, Instagram Stories are a HUGE untapped
market, so what is StoryMate going to HELP YOU do?

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Increase your conversions instantly through insta stories
StoryMate will create stories from a range of templates to give you an extremely professional end result & allow you to post them instantly to insta and fb

You’ll Never Have to Worry About Being On Camera!
Many users HATE being on camera & with Storymate we give the option for users to upload any content they wish or use our royalty free content to create high converting stories.
Create niche specific content for:
1. Ecom stores
2. Local business’s
3. Personal profiles
4. Affiliate offers
Send users direct to your website on a mass scale (higher than fb or insta posts)
Pre-made call to action builder like ‘swipe up’, ‘opt in here’ to allow you to not only create high quality stories, but also provide a call to action that equals money in the bank.