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Rank Hijack Discount / Review


What is Rank Hijack?

Rank Hijack is going to help you level the playing field so that you can finally rank for all of the killer keywords that you’ve struggled with for so long. Offering you the fastest way to get ranked in Google for valuable keywords Rank Hijack is for anyone looking for healthy organic traffic to their websites. 

This ground breaking SaaS software is awesome, it uses top authority sites to your advantage so that you can easily rank on Google’s page one. The software is going to find the niche and keyword based “parasite” sites that will be used to to help you rank to level the playing field for organic traffic from Google.


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Rank Hijack locates powerful “Parasite SEO” properties with high Authority in Google that can be leveraged to rank quickly for buyer keywords…

Parasite SEO Properties are websites that have high “Authority” in Google’s algorithm that also allow users to set up their own pages that can then be used to target a niche or specific keyword, effectively levelling the playing field with the dominant high authority sites.

This is a tried and tested SEO tactic that works as well now as it did 7+ years ago and isn’t going away any time soon.

These properties can be used to get free targeted traffic from Google, as well as to help increase the rank of your own sites.


SEO Made Easier: 

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Step One:

Use The Rank Hijack software to find an opportunity
within your niche that you can then exploit for the

best results

Step Two:

Download the content, get the basic idea & re-write

your version of it better than before to improve what

Google thinks of the content

Step Three:

Upload the new content to the same authority site

as the original

Step Four:

Point some backlinks at it (we’ll show you how to do this)
& you get the traffic!


This Is Your Blueprint to Page 1 Rankings

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No more spending months to get your own pages to rank – or wasting time
going after keywords which are nearly impossible to rank for. 
Get complete
confidence you’ve got a slam dunk in the SERPs in the making before you
write any content or send any backlinks!


It’s as easy as putting up your own version of a ranking parasite page with
more content than the original, and aim a few backlinks at it . . .And you’ll
OUTRANK the current page in a much shorter time frame than you ever
could starting with a brand new domain without any authority.


Rank Hijack brings back results in a fully searchable database which can be
filtered by multiple criteria to suit your needs. Ranking FAST and ranking
EASY has never been so simple before now!And if you think we’ve given you
all the value we’ve got, think again . . . because we’re also including this
incredibly valuable bonus package when you use our special Rank Hijack Discount!

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