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So… What is PerkZilla?

PerkZilla is the easiest and most affordable way to run your next viral marketing campaign. Building a viral buzz for products, services, websites, or even brands has never been easier! 

You can now quickly create awesome video giveaway campaigns, automatically deliver content, bonuses and more in exchange for a ton of emails & social shares. Encourage your visitors to subscribe for incentives and different gifts such as discount coupons and PDFs to capture leads then give away MORE bonuses and rewards when new subscribers share your offer with their friends.

Creating amazing viral contests and sweepstakes is as easy as ever… Harness the power of ‘word of mouth’ referrals to explode your subscriber numbers, watch your email lists blow up with tons of new emails while you’re kicking back by the pool with your family and friends enjoying life. Then once they’re on your list offer a compelling prize or targeted incentive then when a visitor enters your contest with their email you can encourage them to refer others for additional entries, other perks and additional rewards – All on complete autopilot!

Generate all of the record breaking viral products you could ever dream of. The PerkZilla platform has been developed to help grow businesses, marketers and website owners spread the word about their launches. Blow your prospect base through the roof quickly and create a competitive environment where your most loyal customers become your top advocates. This rapidly builds a ‘buzz’ via word of mouth about your products, services and your brand.

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PerkZilla is compatible to campaign on or with any website / website platform. As well as connect PerkZilla to any autoresponder service that you may be using. PerkZilla integrates with any autoresponder service so you can automatically add your new leads to your regular mailing list.
You can also export your new subscriber leads directly from the platform in CSV format at any time!

Some of PerkZilla’s Features:

Easy, Fast, & Fun
PerkZilla is a super smart and powerful platform but we’ve made it simple and easy to use. Because everything is based in the cloud there’s nothing to install or code and you can quickly create new campaigns, update/edit and monitor your results from anywhere with internet access.

Auto Triggered Rewards
When it comes to going viral ‘hands-free’ PerkZilla has you covered! You get unlimited/fully customizable “Trigger Emails” to send to subscribers based on their behavior. Deliver initial lead magnets, contest information, send out rewards, extra incentives and motivational messages to boost shares.

Sharing to Social Networks
Perkzilla has been developed to harness the power of word of mouth referrals using social media. From now on you won’t just collect individual sign-ups, this is list building on an accelerated scale and a proven way to build buzz via the previously untapped network of your user base.

Advanced Fraud Protection
Perkzilla comes fully loaded with an advanced fraud detection and prevention suite. We constantly monitor for suspicious and fraudulent sign up activity and also include an option for double opt-in confirmations to prevent spammers from abusing your campaigns for rewards.

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