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Moto Theme V3I’m one of the marketers that started using ActiveCampaign back in the day, and for a while, had great success.  Unfortunately, after watching my open rates drop start to drop, I switched to Aweber, and now back to GetResponse – which is where I started many years ago.  S
till, it’s not uncommon to find an unacceptable amount of my messages landing in SPAM.   ARRGH!

I’ve been testing self-hosted autoresponders on the side, many of which can cost as much as $500.  Even with a dedicated mail IP, I learned some very hard and expensive lessons.  Maintaining my own mail server was a headache, I believe it even got more costly than ActiveCampaign, Aweber, and GetResponse at one point.

Anyways, long story short…

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MailSniper, is the NEWEST TOOL for INTERNET MARKETERS is going LIVE on July 27th.  This is an Autoresponder that doesn’t require you to pay monthly like Aweber, Getresponse.  Plus, MailSniper is Internet Marketer friendly!

In fact, I’m sure you’ve probably received a dozen emails from people promoting MailSniper (I know my inbox is full).


More Information

Wondering why Mailsniper is such a No brainer and how it compares to the big boys?

There are many things MAILSNIPER can do those other autoresponders that charge $79/month or more monthly cannot do.

MailSniper can show you stats of how many people opened your email, how many clicked through on your links, exactly what time they clicked the link, how many times they clicked.

I can send an email at an exact time. I can move people from one list to another without having them opt-in manually. All they have to do is click a link. (This one is BIG!)

I can do a whole lot of things I can’t do with other autoresponders that charge a monthly subscription or require me to host the platform on my servers.

Even more…

You get 100% Mobile Responsive Email, 100+ really cool templates, Drag/Drop Email Editor, GDPR- Create emails w/ no compliance hassles; HECK, you can even import an unlimited number of subscribers, no restrictions! 100,000 and even more!  Segment your list with tags based on what users do.  You can even connect your OWN SMTP settings, (MailGun, SendGrid, et al,  track every campaign you send) plus we can also help you too.


No monthly fees with MailSniper! Unlike the other autoresponders where you have to pay through your nose and still can get banned and lose everything!


[BONUS UPDATE]  I’ve decided to do something really special today to help you GENUINELY make your affiliate marketing work.  Apart from the special bonuses we’ve prepared specially for you, I’ve got a very special EMAIL MARKETING TRAINING that will help you get started quickly!

Bonus Training:
  Where you’re not only walked through MailSniper, and taught how to start sending your emails, but you will also learn how you can build your own email list without launching a product.  If you have no money to put down or to create a new product to launch, this is the training you need!

Bonus #2: Done-For-You Evergreen List building funnel: 
(Done for you!)

In a very profitable niche, you can use this funnel to start building or growing your list and at the same time generate affiliate commissions with a high converting offer we pick for you.


Bonus #3: 10 DFY List Building Templates With Squeeze Pages

Lead magnets, follow up emails you can pick, tweak and launch another list building funnel of your choice in the future. Carefully selected bonuses that’ll help you get the most out of MailSniper


MailSniper FAQ?


What Exactly is Mailsniper?

Mailsniper is a cloud-based email marketing solution that allows marketers and companies to send emails to their subscribers through an SMTP service. Through Mailsniper, users will be able to import list, send broadcasts, create follow up series, segment their list, create web forms, email templates, and extensive email reports.


Are there restrictions on the lists and subscribers that I can upload?

NONE!  You can upload any lists and subscribers on Mailsniper


How Many Emails Can I Send Each Month With MailSniper?

You can send UNLIMITED emails. No caps, ever.


How Many Subscribers Can I Import Using Mailsniper?

You can import UNLIMITED subscribers without any restrictions.


Do You Charge Any Monthly Fees?

There are NO monthly charges with Mailsniper. One-time pricing gets you lifetime access to the software.

How Do I Import My Subscribers From Other Autoresponders To Mailsniper?

You can add subscribers from other services by simply exporting your list and then add that list to our software.


Will I Receive Any Training or Support After Purchasing Mailsniper?

YES, absolutely!  The team who developed Mailsniper has made detailed step-by-step training videos that will guide from setting up your account to send broadcasts to your subscribers. They also have a dedicated support desk to provide you with urgent issues and problems.


Do I Need To Download & Install Mailsniper Somewhere?

Mailsniper is fully cloud-based. This means you don’t have to download or host anything anywhere. You can access it at any time from any device that has an internet connection.


Where Do I Find The Mailsniper Coupon?

As the MailSniper team releases coupons during the launch, we will post them on this website.  Simply click the “SHOW COUPON” button towards the top of this page to reveal any available coupons.  The price of MailSniper will be going up each day so the sooner you purchase, the less you’re going to pay (even if a coupon is not available).

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