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This Software Creates Your Own Insta Social Agency  – Deliver Businesses the HOTTEST Hash Tags Daily Automatically.

(Insta Tags does all the work for you 24/7 in the background)

This is perfect for internet marketing with all the opportunities, Instagram has 58 times more engagement per follower on Facebook and the fastest way to rank your post on Instagram is using the correct hashtags at the right time. Well finding out what hashtag is trending and works for your niche, is actually hard and tedious but the software creators of Itaggz knew Instagram was to good to just ignore so they made this software to revolutionize the way we use Instagram in marketing .

With Over 1 BILLION active users Instagram boasts’ higher per-post engagement rates’ than ANY other social platform.

Hash Tags are one one of the most important factors is getting your posts to shoot to the TOP of the Instagram News Feed
  • Load your Competitors Data within seconds
  • View Posts
  • Reorder via tag, likes, most comments with a simple click of a mouse
  • Export tags to a spreadsheet
  • Email to your assistant
  • Ready Made Searches
  • Add your favorite searches with the click of a button

The setup is super easy just select the business profile or hash tags you want to  “spy”  – we will email you their top ranking tags automatically every single day. Its super easy just forward them to your business, collect you monthly retainer. There are several formats you can deliver hashtags on both an excel sheet or by email. It comes with an amazing feature which shows you the trending hashtags before anyone else.

With total comments, you can see all the harsh ones and the ones with the most engagement. You can discover the top ranking hashtags for any industry within seconds.  These hashtags lead you to post and also lead you to clients. The hashtags can also be used on your own post to put it in a top ranking area of a new popular subject on Instagram drawing attention to your page and your products leading to sales and more followers. Also clients who have interest in the topic of the hashtag giving you a good idea of what to post for your new following keeping them happy all while leading them to your products or you could use it to build client list and then sell the client list to company’s and internet marketers involved with the niche the hashtag has to do with. All the way around this is an amazing product for any internet marketer looking to expand into the world of social media on a platform with over 1 billion active users.