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Today we at Internet Marketing Coupons are proud to bring to you an awesome platform that is going to give you the power to create beautiful enterprise level videos full of engaging content to create a more interactive audience for local businesses without any prior ZERO coding or technical skills required. 

The biggest problem that people have when it comes to trying to make money with videos is that it is getting harder and harder to sell them to businesses due to an over saturated market… Interactr Local is going to help put you above your competitors and get you that sale. 

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For the first time ever are you going to be able to have access to professionally filmed and edited INTERACTIVE local videos so that you can quickly sell them to business that you drive by everyday.

When you use our Interactr Local Discount you will have access to the Interacr Local SAAS platform.


How Does Interactr Work?

With Interactr you are giving 2 different choices on which to do with it…

  1. You can sell professionally filmed, pre-made local interactive video templates to local businesses. It has been made super duper easy – simply select a local business niche, edit the template with the local businesses logo and details & hit render.
  2. Or you can use the new and improved interactr SAAS (complete with a new UI & multiple new features) to create interactive videos for themselves with the average results we’ve seen being 2x conversions, 3x engagement and a 14x higher CTR.

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