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You Can Now Discover How You Too Can Rank Page One On Google For Such Huge Search Terms Within Just 60 Simple & Easy Seconds Of Work, Pulling In 100% Free Traffic & Sales All On Complete Autopilot 

EricaInstaNiche is the best possible cloud based software on the market right now that is going to research, customize, optimize, monetize and build you brand new fully fledged profitable amazon store affiliate sites in just a matter of minutes. InstaNiche is going to do EVERYTHING for you in just 5 easy and simple steps. With the help of our unique InstaNiche Discount you’ll be able to save tons on such a great product!

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  • Step 1 – Research  
    You simply select from our proven list of hot niches available (250+ different niches), without having to waste time doing any research yourself.
  • Step 2 – Pick Keywords
    InstaNiche presents you with the most relevant, buyer related, low competition keywords. Once you select your main keyword, it will optimise the site around that main keyword, keeping the site natural and google friendly.
  • Step 3 – Add Content 
    InstaNiche then automatically adds 100% unique relevant content to your sites based off the keyword you selected, without you ever having to write content from scratch. The content is not spun, it has been written by our in-house professional English team from scratch. When the content has been used up, it automatically removes that from the queue and new ones are constantly being added. So this way no-one will have the same content or have duplicate content issues. 
  • Step 4 – Add Products 
    With just a few clicks, it fills up your amazon stores with the hottest, most profitable, best selling products that are proven to sell.
  • Step 5 – Build Site
    With just one click, it will compile everything for you, host and build you unique quality amazon affiliate sites that are google friendly and monetised to drive sales. We host the sites for our users, so there’s no monthly fees involved. There’s no need for them to set up wordpress or change name servers on their domains, InstaNiche takes care of all that for them. This is the all in one solution to the most common problems people face online and we have the angle nailed down perfectly to ensure this converts through the roof.

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