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NEW Amazon Software

Taps into advanced “STREAM” technology
to build fully automated stores


With the use of Stream Store you are now able to build a complete series of Amazon stores and a complete amazon store network in just a few minutes, full with all Amazon available products, deals, and discounts, with website and landing pages which are responsive, beautifully designed all with a viral traffic system!

Step One: Click & Ready

Create one store or create your own network. Choose your niche by category or keyword… Thats it! And voila your store is now ready to go!

Step Two: Click & Social

Customize your money-spinning “dynamic posts” and share them as viral posts on the top 6 social networks

Step 3: Sit Back & Enjoy!

Relax and watch as your Paypal account begins to fill up with tons of money!

This is a powerful WP system that puts everything on Amazon onto your very own site, with your affiliate link in your “store”… 

  • STOP Limiting The Products Your Visitors Can Find On Your Site
  • NEVER Limit Yourself To Just One “Branch” Of Amazon Again
  • ALLOW Your Visitors To Find Exactly What They Want Without Returning To Google
  • GET A Responsive Design And Layout And Stop Ignoring 22.6% Of Internet Traffic
  • FREE viral traffic that’ll spread your store across 5 Social Networks at once
  • END The Amazon Time Drain That Requires You To Constantly Update Your Products
  • MAKE your store unique and atractive with Landing Pages
  • TAKE BACK YOUR TIME And Make More Money With Fewer Affiliate Sites

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StreamStore allows you to build landing pages that even
Apple, Nike, or Coca-Cola would be proud of!

Create unique, authority building, attention grabbing, landing pages that attract and compel your visitors to quickly and easily search for the best offer… Choose from video, image, search capability, discount sliders and an incredible array of premium features to create the perfect landing page to entice your visitors to stay, search and BUY.

Experience easy-to-apply web 4.0 technology like never before. The visual editor is easy to use and the included templates take all the work out of developing new sites.

Stream Store detects the area of the world where your customer Al is and transfonns the boding page, product page and branch affiliate links to match the country of every visitor.

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