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What is ConvertBox?

Convertbox is an on-site app that is used for personalization, messaging and that can show targeted messages to your leads based on their behavior.

This Visitor engagement software is going to do so much for your conversions that it’s almost unbelievable… Convertbox is going to help you build a list, drive traffic to your promotions, boost your sales & stop offer abandonment! When you use targeted messaging to intelligently engage with your audience your conversions will begin to skyrocket.


Target Specific Visitors based on where they came from, CRM data, their personal site activity… Pretty much based on everything that the visitor did to provide ConvertBox with information on them.

This app is going to allow you to easily collect and segment leads. Build your list and segment leads based on their personal interests with multiple different choice sequences based on that specific user. 

Oh yeah, sales are pretty important and with the help of ConvertBox we are so sure that you will be able to close more sales with perfectly timed offers using the advanced behavior targeting provided by Convert box.



Powerful Behavior Targeting Rules
With ConvertBox

Combine multiple different rules so that you can easily target anyone of your visitors at anytime on any of your websites tied to convertbox.

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Your Possibilities are Endless

Use ConvertBox to Deliver High-Converting Messages For…


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