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Do you have to deal with mundane design tasks that come up on a daily basis?  There’s a new software that just launched called CloudlySuites – a powerful Design and animation suite – so I wanted to make sure you knew about it.

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We all know there are designers and animators out there, many overcharges for services.   A few of them also happen to be jerks. 
They don’t finish their work and charge extra to complete the job – it’s happened to us more than once.  There’s been a ton of marketers who spend thousands in dollars just getting quality designs for their business.   Make no mistake – you might also have to face the same struggle when you need them made.

Lucky for you and I,  Leon and Sandy wanted to create a solution where anyone would be able to create and animate stunning designs from scratch… 

In fact, why don’t you go ahead and see the kind of designs and animations this App creates…


==> Click HERE To See Designs And Animations That CloudlySuites Can Create!

It comes loaded with a ton of powerful features for designing and animation…


…it makes software like Canva and Bannersnack look like a complete joke…

Check out some of its most powerful features…

Animation support

Animate text character 

Animate drawing path 

Parallel animation support

Frame based animation

Animation timeline

Animation recording 

Export playback frame

Copy/paste animation frame

Pattern background fill

Gradient background fill

Build custom color palette

Upload custom svg

Used stock photo added to library 

Drag & drop color

Upload from url

Export to dropbox

Shareable edit, download, preview link

Freehand drawing 

Document privacy mode

Share design with users

Invite new user under sub account

Over 200 filter effects

Sort and rearrange filter effects

Extension support(added monthly)

Access over 3million free icons

Download MP4 & GIF


Save element to folder & reuse

Support gradient & filters on text

Transparent background support

Layers panel

Context Menu support

Export SVG

Animated chart support

Edit custom svg colors

Capture from camera support

Full API support


CloudlySuites launches on the 17th of August at 11 AM EST…

…highly recommend you check it out and learn more about it when it goes live.


==> Click HERE To Learn More About CloudlySuites!

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